Hey everyone, RB here with another FFTCG Card of the Week! This time, I’m going to take a step back and look at Opus II with one of the strongest Earth Backups there is, Raubahn [2-093H].

In FINAL FANTASY XIV, Raubahn is the General of the Immortal Flames, a Grand Company tasked with protecting the Sultana, Nanamo Ul Namo, and the city-state of Ul’dah. As Flame General, Raubahn commands his troops to crush any threat that may arise. Few can survive the strength of the Immortal Flames, and Raubahn’s first card in FFTCG shows just how true that statement is.

Let’s take a look!

When Raubahn enters the field, choose 1 Forward you control and 1 Forward your opponent controls. Your Forward deals its power in damage to your opponent’s Forward. He’s literally taking command of your Forwards! If your opponent’s Forward isn’t stronger than your strongest Forward, it’ll be broken as soon as Raubahn enters play.

Okay, seems pretty straightforward, right? Raubahn enters play, deals a bunch of damage and that’s that. You’re probably wondering how I’m going to keep talking about Raubahn. Well, it’s the fact that Raubahn is worded in a very specific way that allows for some interesting combinations. Raubahn isn’t the one dealing the damage, your Forward is! That means there are all sorts of tricks you can utilize with characters who have abilities when they deal damage.

Ninja [2-061C], Terra [1-047R], and Warrior of Light [1-005R] all say that if they deal damage to a Forward, double the damage instead. This isn’t just damage from attacking or blocking, you can use them with Raubahn’s ability as well! Ninja is a low cost character who would only deal 6000 damage when doubled, but there may be abilities out there to help strengthen your Ninja cards. If you active Terra’s special ability, Magic Charge, she’ll deal 14,000 when you play Raubahn. Warrior of Light’s auto ability requires the Forward you’re choosing with Raubahn to cost 4 or more, but it will deal 10,000 damage!

There are also tricks you can do with cards that require a Forward to deal damage to an opposing Forward before it goes to the Break Zone. If Cid Highwind [1-072R] manages to defeat a Forward in Raubahn’s trial, your opponent will also have to put the top 2 cards of their deck into the Break Zone. You can use Raubahn with Palom [2-016R], and then finish them off with damage from another character or Summon to activate Palom’s ability to search for any version of Palom and put it onto the field. A more direct, and explosive, approach is to use Machina [3-022H] with Raubahn. When a Forward damaged by Machina is put from the field into the Break Zone on the same turn, choose another Forward your opponent controls and deal 4000 to that one. When using Raubahn and Machina together, you can set off a chain reaction to wipe your opponent’s field, as Machina dealt damage without even having to attack, block or use his special!

So what do you think? Have you gotten any new ideas for how to use Raubahn in your own deck? Was there a cool Raubahn combo you want to share? Is there any card you’d like us to talk about in the future? Sound off on our official Facebook page at!

See you next week!



Original Source: Final Fantasy TCG Blog

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