Final Fantasy TCG: CARD OF THE WEEK PAINE 1-199S


In FINAL FANTASY X-2, Paine is a mysterious woman who joins the Gullwings, a group of “Sphere Hunters,” for purposes unknown to the rest of the group. Yuna and Rikku, our heroes from FINAL FANTASY X, join up shortly thereafter, and the trio become a force to be reckoned with. When “YRP” is in position, there’s nothing that can stop them. They’re stronger together, and Paine’s abilities show off just that.

Let’s take a look!

Paine has two auto abilities that trigger depending on if Yuna or Rikku is in play. If Yuna is in play, you get to draw a card. If Rikku is in play, you can activate up to 3 Backups you control. On her own, Paine is a 7000 Power Forward for 3 CP, but with the Rikku ability, she can essentially be played at no cost, and the Yuna ability gives you card advantage! Once Yuna and Rikku are on the field, Paine is literally a free card that replaces itself in your hand! This makes Paine one of the most valuable cards you can play in a Wind/Water deck, so what other cards would you want to play in your deck alongside her?

You’ll want Yuna and Rikku, of course! The 2-CP Backups of Yuna and Rikku are the quickest versions to get into play, and since the ways to remove Backups are fairly limited, they should be safe for when you draw Paine. Yuna [1-177R] reduces the cost required to cast Water Summons, so you’ll want to run a few of those to play with Yuna’s ability. Rikku [1-089H] makes your opponent put the top card of their deck into the Break Zone if you dull her and pay 1 Wind CP. If you use Rikku’s special ability, Mug, they’ll put the top TWO cards of the deck into the Break Zone and you can draw a card. You might be surprised at how quickly Rikku can remove your opponent’s options as she takes apart their deck. Lastly, the Opus II version of Paine [2-063R] is great to help set up the team. When she enters the field, you may search for 1 Card Name Yuna or Card Name Rikku and add it to your hand. While you can’t have both versions of Paine in play, she’s great to play early if you’re missing Yuna or Rikku, AND the fact that she’s an EX Burst means that even with the Opus I Paine in play, you may still sometimes be able to utilize the search ability. On top of that, even with both Yuna and Rikku in play, her EX Burst is valuable for searching for copies of Rikku to use Mug, or even Yuna when you need that extra 2 CP for one of your Water Summons.

That said, you want three backups in play when you play Paine to get the best value of the card. So, what are some other backups you might want to include in your deck when using her?

Aerith [1-064R] is a really versatile option, as she has the same auto ability that Paine has when Rikku is in play, Activating three other Backups you control. This means that with three other backups, Aerith is essentially a free card. Also, when playing Paine, you want to always make sure to Activate Aerith so she’s always available for her special ability, Planet Protector. Aerith’s special ability Activates all Forwards you control, and they cannot be chosen by Summons or abilities for the rest of the turn. Quacho Queen [3-132R] can give a Forward +1000 Power for each Forward you control. With Paine allowing you to use that ability twice, you could make your Forwards gigantic! Lastly, Maria [1-083H] gives all of your Forwards +1000 Power. Maria is great here because running Paine guarantees you’ll be using more than one element in your deck, and Maria gives +1000 Power to all of your Forwards regardless of what Element they are. On top of that, she turns Paine into a free 8000 Power Forward, which isn’t too shabby.

You know, with multiple versions of Yuna, Rikku and Paine, maybe they could work in a certain new Format people have been talking about this week. What can Paine do for you? Leave a comment at!

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Original Source: Final Fantasy TCG Blog

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